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Hazmat Training Courses

Prepare for the Worst with Hazmat Training and Certification

Prevent contamination of workers at your facility with hazmat training and certification from Hazmat Discount Packaging, Inc. Using the latest techniques, we show you how to make your hazmat shipping process safe and secure and prepare your workers for emergency response.

IATA (International Air Transportation Certification)

We use IATA-method training to certify your employees for international dangerous goods shipping. Your staff will learn how to correctly identify, classify, document, and package your hazmat. All training can be done at your facility for your convenience.

Your initial IATA certification takes approximately two days to complete, and your recertification that is required every two years takes 4-8 hours, depending on class size. To ensure our availability, we recommend scheduling all certification classes at least two days in advance.

Dangerous Goods Regulations

IMO (International Ocean Transportation Certification)

To help your staff correctly identify, classify, document, and package hazmat for shipping by ocean, Hazmat Discount Packaging, Inc uses IMO-method training. When completed, your business receives international certification for the transport of dangerous goods by sea. This is a more cost-effective way to ship hazmat—most shipments by ocean do not need hazmat packaging, especially when shipped under limited-quantity provisions.

Hazmat Training

Avoid workplace exposure to dangerous substances with hazmat training. You can be assured of receiving the proper training because we are in complete compliance with FAA, DOT, and IMO regulations. Additionally, our certification programs are international and can be used anywhere in the world.

Toxic Gas Analysis Classroom Hazardous Materials

Make your facility a safer place by contacting us at (786) 344-9616 in Miami, Florida, for training with hazmat packaging.